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Central Harmony is the official bilingual newsletter publication of the Central Japanese-American Community Church. We invite you to read through the articles and enjoy the stories and experiences shared by our members.  Below are links to PDF files of the Newsletter.  Feel free to take a look around and discover what we are about.


Harmony Staff

2019-1 (Volume10, Issue1)
2018-1 (Volume9, Issue1)
2017-1 (Volume8, Issue1)
2016-1 (Volume7, Issue1)
2015-3 (Volume6, Issue3)
2015-2 (Volume6, Issue2)
2015-1 (Volume6, Issue1)
2014-3 (Volume5, Issue3)
2014-2 (Volume5, Issue2)
2014-1 (Volume5, Issue1)
2013-4 (Volume4, Issue4)
2013-3 (Volume4, Issue3)
2013-2 (Volume4, Issue2)
2013-1 (Volume4, Issue1)
2012-3 (Volume3, Issue4)
2012-3 (Volume3, Issue3)
2012-2 (Volume3, Issue2)
2012-1 (Volume3, Issue1)
2011-5 (Volume2, Issue5)
2011-4 (Volume2, Issue4)
2011-3 (Volume2, Issue3)
2011-2 (Volume2, Issue2)
2011-1 (Volume2, Issue1)
2010-3 (Volume1, Issue3)
2010-2 (Volume1, Issue2)
2010-1 (Volume1, Issue1)