餅つき – Mochitsuki – Sunday January 19th





トッピング: きなこ、ずんだ、くるみ、甘醤油、小豆、キムチ、納豆、大根おろし、お醤油。

Like eating mochi? Would you like to pound mochi the traditional way? Join our traditional Japanese New Year’s rice pounding festival-Mochitsuki (free with tickets)

We will be serving homemade red bean paste, edamame paste, natto, and more. Invite your friends and family! 

The festival will begin at 10AM and end at 2PM or as long as there is mochi left.

Part of the reason Mochitsuki is so special is because you can make your own mochi. Pound the rice into mochi, shape your mochi into balls, fill it with azuki (sweet red bean paste) if you want, then add as many toppings as you want! We also make fried mochi, which adds a different flavor to the mochi; and make waffles with the mochi in the options of natto (fermented soybean) waffles, kimchi waffles, plain waffles, and possibly some new flavors!

We serve a variety of toppings including:

  • sweet toppings- kinako ( sweetened soybean powder), edamame paste, walnut paste, sweet shoyu (soy sauce), azuki (read bean paste)
  • Savory toppings- kimchi, natto (fermented soybeans), daikon oroshi (grated daikon radish), shoyu (soy sauce)

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